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Workshops, Dates and Prices

All our workshops include a delicious home made buffet lunch with tea, coffee and cakes served throughout the day

AT A GLANCE (full details below)

October 6th - Painting with wool, Woven tapestry picture with Hilary Charlesworth

October 12 - Botanical Casting with Abigail Bruford (nearly full)

October 19th - Landscapes using acrylics, mixed media and collage with Helen Kelly

November 10th - Needle felting animals and teddy bears with Hilary Charlesworth

November 24th - Needle felting Christmas Decorations with Hilary Charlesworth

December 6th - A SPECIAL Christmas evening with Willow Twisters with mulled wine, log fire and Christmas buffet

December 7th - Botanical Casting with Abigail Bruford

December 8th - Christmas willow wreath and willow decorations

Hilary Charlesworth - Woven Tapestry Pictures




October 6th 2019 - 10am to 4pm  -  £79

(Includes homemade buffet lunch, tea/coffee & cakes)

In this workshop you will create a beautiful wall hanging using a simple frame loom and a variety of yarns.  Learn all the traditional techniques as well as some 3D effects.  All equipment and yarns provided including a frame loom.  No previous experience required.


Hilary Charlesworth - Needle felted Teddy Bears & Animals

10th November 2019 10am to 4pm - £75

(Includes homemade buffet lunch, tea/coffee & cakes)

Spend a day with the famous Hilary making needlefelted teddy bears and other animals.  All equipment provided. No experience required. 



Hilary Charlesworth - Needle felted Christmas Decorations

24th November 2019 10am to 4pm - £75

(Includes a homemade buffet lunch, tea, coffee & cakes)

Spend a day with Hilary making Needlefelted Christmas decorations and learn dry felting techniques to produce 3D shapes and embellishments. No previous experience required.  All materials provided.


  Helen Kelly – Landscapes using Acrylics, mixed media

& collage



 October 19th 2019 - 10am to 4pm  -  £75

(Includes homemade buffet lunch, tea/coffee & cakes)


Create a Landscape using Mixed Media and Collage.

The aim of this workshop is to make a painting using acrylics,watercolours and collage materials.

For inspiration you can work from an image (your own photograph or from a selection supplied by the tutor) or from imagination.

You will be shown:

· Creative techniques using watercolours to make your own papers for collage, how to build exciting textures by layering collage materials, acrylics and watercolours, approaches to making vibrant colour schemes and interesting compositions

· One-to-one help on how to plan and assemble your finished piece

By the end of the workshop you will have produced a unique piece of mixed media art



Abigail Bruford-  Botanical Casting


12th October 2019 10am to 4pm - £75

(Includes homemade buffet lunch, tea/coffee & cakes)

Seed Heads & Foraging in the garden for seasonal blooms


7th December 2019 10am to 4pm - £75

(Includes homemade buffet lunch, tea/coffee & cakes)

Vegetable Casting & Seasonal plant material from the garden

The process of trying to preserve plants has been around for centuries.  Before camera’s were around and plants were able to be captured on film Botanists would use this process to study any changes and record different plant species.  The plant is pressed into wet clay and then carefully removed to produce a negative impression.  Plaster is then poured onto the clay and left to set.  When the clay is peeled away you are left with a positive direct cast of the plant. In this workshop you will learn the traditional method of casting using clay walls and how to cast directly within

.a frame. You will create at least two examples to take home.  


     Christmas Willow Wreath making and Decorations       

with Willow Twisters 


 6th December 2019 Evening  - 5pm to 7.30pm - £49


8th December 2019 Full day - 10am to 4pm - £75

(Includes a homemade buffet lunch, coffee, tea and cakes)


*A SPECIAL evening of making willow christmas decorations with Willowtwisters on 6th December.  The evening will include mulled wine a log fire and homemade christmas buffet

* Please note - a non alcoholic Christmas cocktail is available 

A full day of working with Willowtwisters on Sunday 8th December making a willow Christmas wreath and willow decorations. 

These workshops include all materials.  

Bluebell Wood


Frosty Hedgerow